About Us

Nine Seas Manufacturing Company Limited is a specialist in diesel engine and turbocharger maintenance, repair and overhaul services.

The heart of Nine Seas Manufacturing excellence lies in the uncompromising reliability of our service delivery. We take pride in offering high standards of customer-centric service and our focus on quality and innovation has earned by our professionals experiences in overseas from varies turbocharger makers and marine engines.

Our company professionals are experiences in the overseas company which are certified on three ISO standards namely ISO 9001 on Quality Management, ISO 14001 on Environmental Management, and OSHA 18001 on Organizational Safety and Health.  Internationally, we are going to an expanding network of service stations to provide time-critical services 24/7 to ships, industrial plants, telecommunication and offshore.

Our Best Services

  • Nano Technology Hard Coating
  • Laser Cladding
  • Machining & Fabrication
  • Diesel Generator Refurbishment
  • Engine and Turbocharge Repair and Parts Supply
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